Why I created this API

I created this API to fulfill a need I have regarding functionality in one of the many projects I work on. It seemed logical for me to believe that if I need something like this, there is a definite chance that some other developer somewhere will probably need the same thing.

As I did my research, I found that most of the APIs available are either too difficult to use, don't quite offer what I need, or are very expensive.

This is my humble way of saying "thank you" to every developer who shares his or her work and who has provided guidance to others like me to help get our respective jobs done – like those in Stack Overflow, MSDN, Channel9, and many others.

This API was developed using web API 2.0 with C#.NET and Visual Studio 2015. It is hosted on Windows Azure on a free tier. This project that could have taken so much time was done in the time of two hours – from design to deployment - thanks to the previously mentioned tools.

Again, thanks to all of the geniuses at Microsoft for making such a phenomenally useful product!