GET api/states/cities

This call will retrieve every single city in every single state in the U.S

GET api/cities/{city}

This call will retireve all cities in the U.S with a given name

GET api/cities/{city}?radius={radius}&unique={unique}

This call will retrieve all cities that fall within a radius range of a given city.

GET api/states/{state}/cities/{city}

This call will retrieve a given city in given state if it exists

GET api/states/{state}/cities

This call will retrieve all the cities within a given state

GET api/states/{state}/cities/{city}?radius={radius}

This method will bring all the cities that lies within a given radius range of a city

GET api/geo?lg={lg}&lt={lt}

This call will retrieve a city that matches a given longitude and latitude values if any.

GET api/cities/names?startsWith={startsWith}

This method will return all the cities, and states based on what the city name starts with.

GET api/cities/zip/{zipCode}

Gets a city with it's zip code